हमारा विजन स्टेटमेंट


Once considered the shining jewel in the British Empire's crown, India can today be easily deemed as the huge, 60-carat diamond in the world's flavored cuisine ring. The large variety of food has found brilliant cravings on an international scale as Indian restaurants have spread at an incredible rate, with enormous success in every corner of the world. Indian Tadka ~ Where 'Life Tastes Good' .. Walk into the Indian Tadka, and it's a different gastronomic world altogether. If you are a connoisseur of finely cooked comfort food, which is made only with the freshest and best quality ingredients, served artistically to delight your tastebuds and well presented to soothe your senses, then Indian Tadka for you it is. 'Tadka' is the fine art of delicately infusing flavors into food while cooking and also as a garnish. And our seasoned chefs, all the way from India are passionate about their 'seasonings', as they cook. All so happy, all so eager to welcome you vivaciously, and on offer are the most uniquely crafted, lovingly made, creatively dished out the very famous South Indian spread, coupled with tangy spiced Chowpati Chat, rare and tastefully selected combo delicacies, to enliven your spirits with every bite. Let us share a secret, some of our recipes have been passed on and preserved over generations, which we now bring to your very own table here in Yangon serving the royal Mughlai and Peshawari delicacies smoked with charcoal and served from the clay oven. They say good food always makes people better, happier, and joyous human beings, As the very famous Luciano Pavarotti put it ~ One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. And so it is with us folks at Indian Tadka, constantly striving to add that extra bit of joy, that twinkle in the eyes, that cheerful feeling, that smile on happy faces, that bliss and sudden excitement, for you and your loved ones, on your special occasions and otherwise. "Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with abundance or not at all." It is the same spirited thought that encourages and inspires Indian Tadka in making a big difference through its personal touch and signature styles in all that it does. Always striving to deliver joys through good food, into the lives of all those who connect with Indian Tadka in their daily life. Like an artist who paints, or a weaver who weaves, or a musician who creates symphonies, Like a well-written poem or a melodious birdsong, at Indian Tadka, you can witness food artistry in its best forms, absolutely soothing and completely refreshing. Here aesthetically and passionately created delicatessen, harmonizes the mind, and brings wholesome satisfaction to your palette. Humble yet captivating, Sublime yet Sensuous, Contemporary yet Classic, it's all such experiences and more, that make up a fine meal at 'The Indian Tadka'. So whether it is Food for Thought or Thought for Food, Do visit and us allow us to weave magic through good food in your everyday life.. All so lovingly. Indian Tadka, Because 'Life Tastes Good' !!

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